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Academos, Chişinău,nr. This article aims to provide an assessment of the current state of development of regions, focusing on the rural component, and a prioritization of needs and actions to be undertaken to overcome the current difficulties.

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The research method involves the processing and interpretation of data obtained in the field research and the statistical sources by using sustainable development indicators used at national and European level. The research result indicates development of agro-tourism and non-agricultural activities as solutions for socio-economical problems of the region in the rural areas.

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The developing of this region, can be assured in the near future by improving the infrastructure of the region, which will assure the support of increasing investments in the rural areas and the development of economical activities, based on reach cultural heritage of the region.

The North East region of Romania is distinguished by an important tourism potential such as Bucovina their economic developments being influenced by the use of this potential.

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At regional level, except Bucharest, whose situation is special, economic growth followed a west-east direction, proximity to western markets acting as a powerful driver of growth.

Although statistical data opțiuni reale ce este some variation over time due to local factors and it may be noted that economic growth has had a significant geographical component, underdeveloped areas being concentrated in the north - eastern border with Moldova, and South, along the Danube.

As regarding the industry, the forex office sunna production are coal, crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, yarn and synthetic chemical fertilizers, cement, paper and paperboard, timber, wood furniture, cloth, sugar.

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The share of this sector in gross domestic forex office sunna regional level is well below the national average. In the industry, the largest share has manufacturing, followed by the electricity industry, gas and water and mining. Construction participates with a share close to the national level 5.

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The North — East Region of Development is contributing with Underdevelopment appears to be strictly correlated with unemployment and the predominance of rural activities and the inability to attract direct foreign investment [1].

Rural development and planning problem is one of the most complex themes of the contemporary world, because, in essence, means achieving a balance between economic, environmental and socio-cultural conservation of countryside of the country, on the one hand and trend of modernization of rural life, on the other hand [2].

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Adaptation strategies specific to rural communities in Romania, and implicitly in the North East region of development, were empirically grounded on a traditional natural and economic potential, promoting endogenous opportunities with social visibility [3]. The roles and positions of a region and its actors are constantly changing providing opportunities for new future paths: a region must be sensitive to those changes.

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Therefore, one cannot overstress the comprehension of the changing technoeconomic paradigm. It is also important to learn from the past, compare what has been done in other regions, and try to do some benchmarking [4].

Of the more than indicators of sustainable development identified by the European Union's statistical office, EUROSTAT, eleven are regarded as the most representative and enlightening in characterizing the degree of development at national or regional level.

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The main preliminary materials used in order to identify current status, priorities and actions needed in the rural areas of The Romanian North East Region of Development were the statistic database provided by Romanian National Institute of Statistics and The Regional Development Plan for The North East Region. Elaboration of this analyse is also based on field research documentation in the region as part of a national research project conducted by the authors of this paper.

The methodology is using diagnostic analysis of sustainable rural development social and economic aspects in the region of development, in order to identify existing resources and how they are recovered now.

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The range of indicators that can be calculated to indicate the sustainable development is unfortunately limited, since non-existent in some cases of sufficiently expressive statistical series highlighting evolutionary trends. The indicator calculated for Romanian regions of development reveals an improvement on the gap to the forex office sunna level, reflected in terms of interregional disparity index of gross domestic product per capita between regions and the region with a minimum amount — The North — East Region of development.

There is a slight reduction in this gap, as a result of the higher regional economic growth in less developed regions.

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This can be seen also, if we analyze for example the evolution of wages in this region versus national average. Table 1 Average monthly wages, region gape comparative with national level euro No Indicators 1.

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National average.