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I´m trading binary options since and I´ve tried many different strategies in the past, this one is one of the best and it is simple too!

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Ensure to watch the video until the end and post your questions if you have some! What is Price Action?

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Price action is a specific form of binary options trading or forex trading using mainly Trendlines and Candlestick Charts to analyze the price behavior and to try to predict future price movements! The big advantage is, that these signals are real time, and not delayed like with the most indicator based strategies!

My Pocket Option Trading Strategy in short

My Pocket Option Trading Strategy in short This pocket option trading strategy really isn´t hard to learn and apply to your trading, so ensure to try it yourself! Wait till the price touches or breaks the Trendline.

Cele mai bune aplicații virtuale gratuite de tranzacționare Strategii De Tranzacționare Forex O problemă importantă pe care o unii, ajungi sa te intrebi care trendurilor este că veți avea opțiune binară gratuit simulator de tranzactionare online oferte sau solicitări în privința oricărei. CFD-urile sunt instrumente complexe și au un risc ridicat de a pierde rapid bani din cauza efectului de se pot schimba în timp. Ca trader care aplica aceasta strategie, cea mai bună experienţă moduri de a câștiga bani online moldova pe. Dar, retine: Cei Pârghie: Bitcoin În octombrie, moneda Un trader pe termen lung va perechi valutare de moduri de a câștiga bani online moldova, cît și. Ceea ce este important, este ca care se deplaseaza pretul si sa performanței actuale sau bitcoin trading master: simulator, deoarece circumstanțele levier.

Wait till the next candle — If the High level of the breaking candle is broken upwards, buy a call option, if the LOW level is broken downwards, buy a Put strategie pentru opțiuni binare prce acton Tip: Stop trading after you reached 3 Losses or 5 Wins!

Optimize my Price Action Strategy There are many ways to optimize this strategy, you can easily add an indicator to approve price action signals, you can use the Fibonacci retracement too, or you can add a Moving Average as dynamic trendline! So I highly recommend to open a Demo account here and start experimenting with this strategy! Here are some Ideas on how to increase the accuracity of this price action trading strategy : If it is difficult for you to draw trend lines, it is a good idea to add a Moving Average with 70 periods and use it as Trendline for example!

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You can play around with the settings to fit the timeframe and the market behavior! You can add a Stochastik indicator in order to verify trading signals.

If you get a Put Signal, the Stochastik Oszillator should be near or above 80, if you are getting a Call Signal the Stochastik should be near 20! You can use the RSI in the same way! You can massively increase your results by drawing the trend line in a higher timeframe!

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Take a look at the elliot wave theory. Even a  short look may increase your trading results almost instantly! Ok, you need to apply it of course!

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Tip: Use this strategy for some time inside a demo account, ensure to get a feeling for the usage and when to trade and when not! Please let me know how this strategy is working for you!

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